R&B hottie Trey Songz has really been on his grind lately!  He’s released two mixtapes, an EP, and celebrated his 27th birthday. Well, The SingersRoom got a chance to sit down and chat with Trigga about his love for women, open relationships, and the one celebrity that makes him goofy inside when they come around. Check out the excerpts below.

On Love and whether he wants to be in Love right now
I don’t think love is something anybody should go searching for, cause you bound to find something different. Love is something that could come out of nowhere or love is something that could take forever to find. At this stage in my life, I have people that I love, people that I care about but am I in love? No! Am I searching to be in love? No, not right at this moment! Would I love that in my Life? I think that is a missing part of who I am right now but I don’t think there’s much space for that. So I’m honest with myself and I’m honest with the women in my life.

On if he would consider an open relationship
When I settled down and meet that one I don’t even think that’s a conversation I could have about what her and I understanding would be. That’s based on who she is and what she’s with. We’re about to do everything together baby. We’ll talk about it and if that’s something she’s open to then I might be open to it. If she’s not then we’re not doing it. It’s all about who you fall in love with.

On his celebrity crushes
I got a couple actually. Halle Berry is my main one. She’s still the only person I see and get like nervous, jittery and smile hella hard and goofy. That’s my number one and I think Rihanna is amazing.

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~Be Blessed & Stay Humbled

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