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When being invited to attend a poker game/party, the two things that pop into our head are good music and winning money. Our friends over at know just what were talking about. PokerJunkie specializes in making Hip Hop playlists that compliment all levels of a poker game such as the early stagemid stage, and the late stage. The early stage playlist features music from The Roots, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Common, Nas, and more. Poker Junkie’s ‘mid stage’ playlist has music from Scarface and MF Doom, while the ‘late stage’ playlist can be played to help you put the finishing touches on the game for the win.

We think this is a great idea and we love the early stage hip-hop playlist that PokerJunkie provides. So be sure to head over to PokerJunkie for your poker experience.

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