Charlize Theron has graced the cover of Easy Living magazine. In the article, the 36-year-old actress speaks on her son Jackson, being like everyone else, marriage, friendship, and more. Take a look at the excerpts below.

On her newly adopted son, Jackson: “The amount of e-mails and congratulations hs been amazing. Everyone’s been so lovely. [Jackson] is doing great. It’s very hard for me to leave the house now!”

On being like everyone else: “I get fat, I need to work out, I have pimples and I’m getting older – everything is happening for me exactly asit is for everyone else.”

On marriage: “I do have a problem with the fact that the US government hasn’t stepped up enough to make gay marriage legal. Right now, the institution of marriage feels very one-sided, and I want to live in a country where we all have equal rights. It’s not right that the government tells us who can love and what is good love.”

On friendship: “Friendship is one of the greatest gifts that you could receive. I have really, really good people in my life. I sometimes find myself wondering what I did in a past life to deserve the people I know! I don’t take any day with them for granted. I don’t treat them like they are going to be there forever, I treat them like they are here now. That’s my philosophy.”

On keeping fit: “I have to be disciplined, it’s part of my job. So I train five days a week right now. I practice an incredibly hard yoga called power yoga. I cycle, I spin and I do all sorts of things that I like – because that’s the key.” [SOURCE]

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