Azealia Banks has graced the cover of “Paper Magazines” Summer Music Issue. In the article, the Harlem native spoke on her hit song, ’212′, receiving advice from Chief Jimmy, and the music industry. Check out what Ms. Banks had to say:

On why she wrote “212″: “Nobody was listening to my music, I had been dropped from [the English record label] XL, my manager dropped me. My boyfriend left me. I was starting to accept that my career was never gonna happen. So the song was just me, like, ‘F**k y’all. Y’all not gonna help me? I’m gonna get it myself.’”

On the advice label chief Jimmy Iovine gave her: “Jimmy tells you to keep the wind behind you. The music is what’s important. These people are not gonna wanna talk to you if you don’t have music; they’re not gonna be interested. And your star is not always gonna be as bright. So you really have to seize the day.”

On the music industry: “The music industry is like a machine, It’s always going, and this new generation of artists – me, A$AP Rocky, Rita Ora – we’re the fuel that’s keeping it going. And once you get in that machine you’ve gotta run with it.”

For more on Ms. Banks head over to PaperMag.

[Photos: EMILY SHUR]

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