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From A Girl’s Point of View is a informational website. Our topics consist of celebrity news and entertainment, the latest music videos, albums and all other related topics for your informational and entertainment purposes. Our audience age ranges from 18-50 and serves everyone.

There are several different ways to advertise using fromagirlspointofview.com such as; Online banners, features, and social network advertising, all which are very effective.

Perhaps you are an up and coming new singer, band, rapper, actress/actor we would feature you.

Below are details about our advertising spots. After you review our advertising spots, please send us an e-mail letting us know which spot you have chosen. PLEASE NOTE: We can place a reserve on the spot that you have chosen for 1 week. Meaning the spot that you chose will not be sold to anyone else until your week is up. If you decide not to secure your ad spot before your week is up, the spot will be based on first come.. First serve basis.

** We accept our payments through PayPal! When confirmed an invoice will be e-mailed to your specified e-mail which allows you to pay for your advertisement!

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Online Banners: Advertiser provides their banner link to advertise.

Features: new singer, band, rapper, actress/actor

Social Network Advertising: Daily blast on our Twitter, Facebook & Myspace

Advertisement Space


From A Girl’s Point of View Advertise Space!

Backdrop Advertisement

Available: Now

Cost: $250.00


Would you like to be our background? Being our background is the best way to advertise with us. If you want to STAND OUT when our viewers come to our website then this is the best advertising plan for you! Being our backdrop will catch our readers eye after they put in our website address. With the work of your graphic designer, your information is the first thing our readers will see. While there is no link to click on that will go to your site, the backdrop design serves as a reminder to check out your site. Please Note; you must have a .zip format

Top Banner Advertisement

Available: Now

Cost: $175-125


There are two different sizes for our top banners.

The first size is 728×90. This banner sits over tabs and is the first thing our readers see. The 728×90 banner will cost you $175.00

The second is 468×60. This Banner is the most popular banner. With this banner spot your advertisement is on the right of our company name. Most people that purchase the backdrop purchase this plan to get the extra advertising. Your graphic designer can make your ad can be in HTML or JPG. The 468×60 banner will cost $125.00

Sidebar Advertisement

Available: Now

Cost: $75.00- $100.00

There are 3 spots for our sidebar advertisement!

Left sidebar ads- This banner space is on the left side only. This banner must be 160 x 600jpg. This ad space will cost: $100.00

Right sidebar ads- These ad space is right side only. This ad space is under our “Find Us on Facebook”, This ad-space is 125 x 125. Your link should look like this; http://yourbannerurl.com/banner.. or it should be in HTLM. This ad space will cost: $75.00


Perhaps you are an up and coming new singer, band, rapper, model, actor/actress we would like to feature you on our site. There is a  $25.00 service charge.